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The girl picked up a sick sparrow and helped him


An unusual pet has been living with a couple from Slovenia for about a year. Chibi got to Dzhanya and Aleg as a baby, it is unlikely that he would have been able to escape without their help.

evening walk in the park. The nest and adult birds were not visible nearby, and one of the babies died. The young people decided to take the second one with them in order to try to save at least him.

They had not only to figure out what the chicks are fed, but also to work as his parents every half hour, pushing food into a tiny beak. For the first few days, Aleg and Dzhanya simply did not believe in success, the baby was too weak and inactive. And yet, he managed to get stronger and even prettier. By the way, Chibi almost immediately got his own page on Instagram and a YouTube channel, where his “parents” publish cute and informative photos and videos about sparrow everyday life.

I must say that the owners did not plan to keep the sparrow with them all the time, as soon as Chibi grew up, he was given the opportunity to return to his environment. But the bird decided in its own way, he flew for a couple of minutes, and then returned home, unmistakably looking for an open window. All subsequent attempts to “release” him into the wild, Chibi perceives exclusively as an exciting walk in the fresh air and, having had fun, invariably returns to his native “nest”.

Well, the owners accepted his decision and put up with it, now their “baby” has his own comfortable apartments, and the door to them is always open. Chibi is an absolutely free bird, he flies away when he pleases, communicates with his relatives, but invariably returns to his home.

Source: lemurov.net

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