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People make fun of cat bags because they look hilarious

Science has advanced, but not in everything: in the twenty-first century, we have not yet invented the perfect device for transporting cats. And what is there will do, except perhaps for good photographs.

pet stores. The pet has some freedom in studying the surrounding smells and objects, but it is unlikely that the cat runs to the owner with enthusiasm when he sees the bandage in his hands.

Numerous pictures on the net are direct proof that our smaller friends are not thrilled with the newfangled invention.

Every self-respecting page owner in any from social networks, is honored to take a picture of a pet in a bag attached to a doorknob, coat hook or just on his lap.

Apparently, scientists will have to work a little more to find a more convenient way of transportation. And it’s better for owners to opt for traditional options – a knapsack or a cage.

Source: lemurov.net

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