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The dog scared the visitors of the shelter with a strange smile, so no one took him

It is far from always that the dogs that are in the shelter are able to make the right impression on potential owners. Some are afraid of people, others show aggression towards them. Still others seem to want to make friends, but they just don’t know how to do it right.

We will tell about such a story.

Once an American, Dustin Kelly, decided that he wanted to adopt a dog. He went to a local shelter to look after his pet. All the animals were very noisy, trying to attract attention.

But the golden retriever, already an adult shaggy dog named Zeus, did everything differently. On the contrary, he was sitting in the aviary very quietly, in the corner, avoiding the need to look at the next visitor. should be sedated. Dustin Kelly decided that this retriever should be given a chance to live.

But the employees began to dissuade the guy, all due to the fact that Zeus cannot be weaned from a strange and slightly frightening habit of strangers. The dog loves to “smile”, baring all its teeth. At the same time, he had problems with learning, Zeus desperately did not want to follow the commands. Whoever gave them.

However, Dustin stood on his own and issued documents for Zeus. When the dog was taken out of the cage, the young man saw for the first time that signature smile. And he was really scared … In Dustin's house, Zeus still did not make contact, but the guy did not intend to give up.

Over time, the dog began to trust his new two-legged friend more. And then Dustin realized that there was no aggression in the grin of Zeus. Numerous subscribers of the Zeus account, which has been maintained by its owner for many months, think the same way.

Dustin himself is happy that he gave such an unusual dog a chance for a happy life.

He confesses: “Everyone says that I saved Zeus. In fact, it was he who helped me out by becoming a ray of sunshine at the most difficult moment of my life! ”

Source: lemurov.net

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