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The dog from the shelter never had his own yard, and then the owners decided to please him

A dog named Bentley changed four families. All because of the anxiety attacks that affected the dog's behavior and made it “uncomfortable” to keep at home. But in the Catarra family, Taylor Bentley became truly happy.

At first it was difficult for the woman. A dog with a weight of 50 kilograms and an impressive height at the withers could hardly take root in a two-room apartment. But Qatarra did not give up and worked to give herself and Bentley a comfortable life.

Efforts were not in vain. Qatarra sold her apartment and bought a townhouse with a backyard.

Taylor had to redo it for a long time, because the woman did not leave the idea of \u200b\u200bmaking a small lawn there for her four-legged friend. It was difficult because the ground was filled with concrete.

But by joint efforts with Katara's boyfriend Nick, she managed! It took several hours to remove the concrete pavement. The bare land was cleared of construction debris and covered with a lawn. The dog was delighted with the move. Now he rolls on the grass every day.

However, even the change of conditions did not remove Bentley's anxiety. But Taylor's features of her pet are not at all embarrassed.

The woman says: “He either becomes a cute little fool, then turns into a grumbling old man.”

Source: lemurov.net

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