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The cat wandered to the office and asked to go inside to hide from the rain …

One evening a friendly tramp appeared near the office and asked to come inside, it was raining.

About a month ago, on a rainy evening, Kay was at work when she heard something like a cat meowing under the door. The woman looked out and saw a tabby cat, who really wanted to enter.

She called her neighbor, Lauren Keim, and called to the rescue. “It was rainy and really cold, so we knew we had to take the cat out for the night,” says Lauren.

“I came to work with Kay along with our other neighbors. We took the cat away and bathed him. We all sat on the floor while he explored the room prepared for him.”

The cat turned out to be emaciated, dehydrated, hungry and blunt. He sentenced the received bowl of food in a minute.

While people were discussing whether to attach the cat to the rescuers, the minke whale curled up on Lauren's lap and dozed off, burying its muzzle in a towel.

“He settled on my lap and fell asleep. I understood what that means. I felt that he chose me at that moment,” says Lauren.

They decided to name him Chuck after the CEO of the company,

During the examination, the veterinarian found that Chuck is 1-3 years old, there is no microchip. An abscess was found on the front paw – probably the infection got into the bite site. One of the hind legs was broken and required amputation.

The veterinarian is sure that the cat lived with a broken leg for a long time, and that the operation will improve his quality of life. Chuck stoically endured all the procedures and was grateful for the help.

Watch Chuck's story on the video:

“He is adjusting to life on three legs after surgery and is moving faster now than when he was picked up.” , – Lauren says.

He became utterly loving, constantly wanted to be stroked and paid attention to. There is no personal space in Chuck's world. He fits on Lauren's chest, right across the neck, to be as close as possible to his beloved face.

“Chuck is a pretty easy-going guy, despite everything he's been through. Most of all, he likes to just mess around. He also loves cuddling and feeding times,” says Lauren.

“He became more tame and affectionate, as if showing me that he trusts, repays with love for love.

ak became very loving.

With the advent of Chuck Lauren's daily life has changed. Now she gets up every morning on a cat alarm – Chuck says that it's time for feeding. Time to go to bed means time to cuddle with a purring cat lying on her neck.

“He is so goofy and I feel like all he wanted was to be loved and safe. I am glad that he decided to receive love and security from me,” says Lauren.

I know why he chose me, but I like being his man.

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