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The cat sleeps wherever he wants. Including where it would never occur to a person to lie down!

Almost everyone knows about cats' addiction to the most unexpected places to sleep – and this is with a complete disregard for luxurious and comfortable beds and houses especially for them! But these quirks are explained simply: cats love all kinds of experiments with their habitat.

Therefore, they can lie down in a box, on a chandelier, in a saucepan in a flower pot. And they can sleep tm, as they say, “without hind legs”! We are envious

1. “Cat's cradle” in a flowerpot. Despite the efforts of the owner to make a smaller flowerpot with more land.

2. Special position for sleeping and for different places.

3. A cozy corner for a cute baby.

four. Stuck?! Ah, no. Just sleeping

5. You can also sleep well in the egg tray!

6. What? Is this place not for a cat? Yes, the whole Universe is at her disposal!

7. An important post for the most important employee.

eight. “Inconvenient, uncomfortable … What do you people understand about this?”

9. Only a cat can “get high” from such a pose during rest.

ten. Stand, do not twitch, keep your balance. After all, I'm standing on you, be more careful!

Source: duck.show

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