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The cat is raising a single kitten, and, – the good news! They don't even have to be apart

A thoroughbred cat with a single kitten has been transformed by overexposure. In addition, they are extremely attached to each other.

Two months ago, animal rights activists Rescue Cats of Florida took several cats and kittens from a breeder who is winding down his business. To raise all the kids, it took the help of volunteers. So, Samantha Fox from Fox Foster Kittens got two pregnant cats, including the royal Gucci of the Minuet (Napoleon) breed.

“When I heard that the guys from Rescue Cats of Florida needed help, I offered my services,” says Samantha.

The pregnant red cat quickly got used to the new place and got ready to receive signs of attention. She especially liked to be brushed and was very picky about her food, which is typical of thoroughbred fussy people.

“She was already on demolition, even milk appeared. She is a strong-willed person. ”

A few days after the housewarming party, Gucci went into labor, and the only surviving kitten, a girl, was named Versace. The red-haired baby immediately clung to her mother and mixed with her fur. “She is absolutely amazing, just like her mom. She was a big baby even for an ordinary cat, not to mention a miniature Gucci weighing only 2.3 kg.

“There is a close relationship between Gucci and Versace. The kitten always curls up right under the mother's chin or hides behind her tail,” says Samantha.

Having barely learned to stand, the girl felt strong enough, to walk around. Her curiosity about the world around her grew, and her impudent character became more and more evident.

The mother cat was extremely protective of her crumbs, watching her every step.

“She tries to carry her huge body on still tiny paws, and her tail sticks out straight up like a Christmas tree.”

Like her mother, Versace feels like a real star.

Now she has turned into a fluffy, restless bunch of energy that rushes back and forth and plays with toys. After every game run, Gucci catches her to give her a good bath.

Mother and daughter enjoy their winter vacation together.

“I've never seen a cat love a kitten the way Gucci loves Versace. There’s a really strong bond between them,” says Samantha. “Versace cannot live without her mother and cries if she goes somewhere.”

Hearing the cry of her baby, the mother responds with a meow. Upon her return, obligatory washings follow.

Although Versace is already a big girl and can eat on her own, she still drinks her mother's milk. However, she mastered the tray and personal hygiene – she had the best teacher.

The baby added body weight and fur volume. At the age of eight weeks, Versace is fluffier than ever, and a very peculiar thing.

Weeks will pass and she will be ready for adoption with her mother. Gucci will never get pregnant again (she was spayed) and will spend the rest of her days with her precious baby, spoiled and loved.

” There is already a pre-approved adopter who will take both of them permanently, ”rescue animal rights activists Rescue Cats of Florida.

Source: bezkota.ru

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