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The cat brought mice and lizards to the owner, but he just threw away her “presents”

It has long been known that it is not the owner who tames the cat, but the owner's cat. These graceful pets have surprisingly different personalities.

They are wayward, hooligan, touchy, but at the same time kind and caring. Someone may not believe it, but it is.

Sincerely adoring their owner or mistress, cats try to please them with the most delicious things in the world: frogs, mice, lizards, small birds. And they wonder why people do not even want to try such a wonderful delicacy.

The young man Ben, like many other cat owners, waking up, often found strangled mice and rats, lizards and some birds on his pillow. It was his pet pet that spoiled him – the cat Balu, who did not want to return home from a night hunt with empty paws. At first, she was offended by the fact that Ben was not at all happy with such gifts, and she persistently studied the taste of the owner. Having gone through all the ways to feed the man, Baloo brought him a leaf from a tree.

It was very unexpected, but to Baloo's surprise, Ben liked such a gift. Trying to show this, he played with the leaf he had brought with her, and the cat understood how to please the capricious owner. Now, returning from a walk, Baloo always brings him a leaf, which seems to her especially beautiful.

Ben is just happy. “It’s much more pleasant than waking up with some kind of living creature,” he assures, and it’s hard to argue with that. And Baloo just resigned herself to the strange taste of her master and still wears leaves from the trees to him, proving her love with such a touching gesture.

By the way, Ben accepted Baloo as a gift from his girlfriend, but completely was not happy about a black kitten with red tan marks. Ben has always believed that keeping an animal at home is a big responsibility and insisted that the fluffy be returned to its former owners. However, on the same evening he changed his mind and took Baloo himself. After parting with the girl, Ben did not allow her to take her beloved kitty.

This story amazed the Instagram audience and all subscribers began to share observations of their pets. And yet, not a single cat in the world guessed to please the owner the way clever Baloo did.

Source: lemurov.net

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