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15 examples of how cats grow up, turning from touching lumps into big fluffy handsome men

Time flies very fast, and cat owners know this firsthand. After all, just yesterday they were holding in their hands a tiny fluffy lump that easily fit in the palm of their hand, and today a huge fur beast collapsed on their sofa.

We have collected for you examples of how kittens turn into cats.

1. Axel in a paper bag at 6 weeks and at 2.5 years

2. Nimbus went from shaggy ball to supermodel

3. Proud and stately Ralph

four. We can say that in 12 months he has grown up

5. How fast time flies

6. Pasha (1 year old) and Simba (6 years old)

Both found as small kittens in the same area with a difference of 5 years.

7. When these kittens were found under the house and a year later

eight. I still can’t believe that Apollo is already an adult

9. Nearly 20 years later, Kikki is still the cutest little lady

ten. 6 weeks and 8 months

eleven. This is Eddie at 2 months and 1 year old

12. My baby Kik at 2 months and 2 years

13. Lyla with a difference of 1 year

fourteen. One year later

fifteen. Oddie in 2005 and 2021. This guy is now 16 years old!

Yes , animals grow quickly, but sometimes their habits do not change at all. We have a selection on this topic.

Source: twizz.ru

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