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The cat became a “postman” and made friends with the neighbors

Scientists record a growing trend towards loneliness, people become more and more withdrawn into themselves and often live in such a way that they don’t even know who their neighbors are.

But at the end of 2020, a story happened that gives everyone a chance to correct. Cute cat Billy managed to make friends with his owners and their neighbors by taking on the function of a postman.

This is Billy, the main character of the story!

Billy's owner, Zach King, tweeted that one day the cat came home from a walk with a note on the collar. His wife, Olga Shipunova, was not at a loss and wrote an answer. So the correspondence began.

The first message. It says that the neighbor did not know the name of the cat and intuitively christened him Billy.

To which Olga replied that the cat's name is really Billy!

Coincidence? I don't think! And since then, Billy began to do the work of delivering notes.

For example, you can exchange recipes and tell how to make wasabi puree with truffle oil

Or discuss serials. Chat about the weather. Praise the cat.

with elastic bands

But Billy broke him, so what did the reliable version have to do

The cat is very proud of his work!

In our difficult times, cats will become a symbol of uniting people!

The neighbors agreed that they will not meet in person. Communication through correspondence is much more interesting! Especially with such a postman!

Source: lemurov.net

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