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15 photos of strange and funny things that people noticed on the beaches

Summer, sun, heat… I just want to drop everything and move somewhere to the beach, where the salty and cool sea splashes nearby.

And, as practice shows, the beach is not only a place of a large concentration of vacationers, but also a real storehouse of amusements and unusual things. Network users only manage to shoot them and upload them somewhere on the Internet to their delight, well, to our laugh.


one. “Here! Instead of stupid sand castles!”

2. “This man on the beach has a small deckchair to rest his head on”

3. “Sign on the beach in Lithuania”

four. “Like e Boss”

5. “My friends and I found a sofa and some wooden poles on the beach”

6. “Just a photo my friend took on the beach the other day”

7. “Just brotherly”

eight. “My boyfriend took my dog to the beach to spend some time together”

9. “I hate the sun, I hate the beach and I hate you too”

ten. “Collection of various footprints I found on the beach”

eleven. “Mr. Krabs' First Dollar”

12. “Saw these guys today on the beach”

13. “I came to the beach and saw this”

fourteen. “The beach bar also has a bar for dogs”

fifteen. “It took me a few seconds to realize it wasn't a gorilla walking on the beach”

“Here it is, the answer to the question of the century: do the raccoons on the beach in Panama City like chips?”

Source: twizz.ru

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