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Ten very funny pets

Everyone knows about the main functions of pets, eating and sleeping. They are followed by secondary tasks: guarding the house and catching rodents.

However, there are also special hidden functions , which can be activated only with proper handling.

Cheat codes here, unfortunately, will definitely not help, you just need to earn it! Namely – all animals are comedians and love to amuse everyone! True, it looks a little strange.

When you are in a traffic jam, and someone makes faces from a neighboring car.

He seems to be very happy!

Very comfortably!

We just bought a new cat bed.

He definitely didn’t hear about ordinary poses!

She covered him with a blanket, and the dog did not understand what had happened, but decided to just wait it out.

The guards are really on guard!

Most persistent tired very quickly

But it was necessary to choose a larger package.


Source: duck.show

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