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Ten cats that are not shy about biting everyone


Cats are not known to be able to talk, but they can express their emotions in other ways. For example, suddenly biting.

This is such a universal remedy. Cats through it can get acquainted with new things, show their annoyance, love or interest.

We offer you ten pictures of cats that just love to bite.

The cat does not understand that biting is bad.

This is almost a majestic Renaissance painting.

He does not chew cardboard, but only carefully pierces it with his teeth.

This cat loves to bite, so you need to be careful!

These cats decided to fight over an ordinary box.

And this cat has fangs like a real huge tiger.

At first, the cat purrs sweetly, sniffs your leg, and then for some reason decides to bite .

It takes him three times as long to fold his shirts as this special piece for clothing is a cat's mortal enemy.

The cat needs attention!

Salem the Cat loves to nibble his master just like that.

Source: duck .show

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