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Sleeping dog challenge: the most unusual sleeping positions for dogs

Whatever the users of social networks amuse themselves, if only … let's not talk about the bad. A new fun trend from dog lovers – they photograph and post the most extraordinary poses in which their pets somehow manage to sleep.

Us , people never dreamed of such a thing!

He definitely didn’t have cats in his family?

Where they fell, they fell asleep there

When you are a future Olympic champion in your heart

Couch on the right, but she will sleep here

Sleep like a cat with a dog

Sleep attacked him, he raised his paws and surrendered

FROM Pete is a tired toy, baby is sleeping

Is this a paw or a tail?

There is no more comfortable pillow than the owner's palm

I just want to pull my tongue

Played until you drop

As you like, if only next to the hostess

He seems to be happy in his dream

This is a couch for him to grow out

Pajamas are no longer in fashion

It seems that they don’t have feline flexibility, but they still dodged so that they made everyone laugh!

Source: lemurov.net

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