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Sick freezing cat knocked on the window, begging for salvation

Frostbite, a bloody wound on his side, worms, fleas, diabetes and sore teeth with inflamed gums – was that not much for one poor cat who once knocked on the window on a frosty morning in a Canadian Province of Quebec?

This strange, barely audible sound of a knock on the window (as the woman later said – there was a complete feeling that a small animal was knocking with a weakening paw) made the Quebec housewife draw back the curtain and numb. Before her appeared a miserable sight of a cat barely holding on to its paws. She was even at a loss, not knowing what to do, and took pictures of the animal through the glass in order to immediately send them to the animal rescue service.

Volunteers from the organization arrived promptly, and were surprised that the cat voluntarily climbed into the carrier – it did not even have to be lured and caught. And in the veterinary clinic where he was brought, he endured all the procedures during the examination.

In the same place, in the veterinary clinic, they concluded that the cat was not a stray. Although he had no microchip, no collar, and he was not neutered, the doctor and volunteers came to the conclusion that the cat simply lived with negligent and cruel owners.

By the way, even the battered doctor fell into a stupor from the list of discovered ailments. The cat was urgently placed under a drip, under which he lay for three days.

Moreover, without even making an attempt to free himself, he only reached out and touched the people passing by him with his paw. As if he understood that everything that is done to him is not to his detriment. The persistent cat was named Aslan – in honor of the lion from the fairy tale film Narnia.

After the cat was brought back to normal, there was an intention to register it in search of new owners.

However, word of mouth and a picture taken by a woman with a cat knocking on the window is already did their job, and Aslan was instantly taken to a foster family, where he lives to this day. And that cold dank morning, when he decided to knock on the window with a weakening paw, now he only dreams. But less and less.

Source: duck.show

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