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Animals caught red-handed while trying to steal something tasty

Any self-respecting pet knows that the most delicious food is always on a person's plate. Not surprisingly, dogs and cats have become adept at stealing treats from the refrigerator or from the table. They are real masters in their dishonest business.

However, even the most experienced thieves can sometimes make mistakes, and today we will tell you about them. These pets were caught red-handed.

What a dunce! Overeating on ripe fruit

What honest eyes! No, he definitely couldn't steal anything!

Be arrogant = be happy

Do you know what every cat dreams of? Steal the master's lunch!

Are you sorry for the buns for the dog?

This is irrefutable proof!

Last try to treat yourself

I was surprised at what happened

Failed to hide stolen goods. Eh…

Such a thin cat has such a discordant girl? Hmm, there is nothing to be surprised!

Went to success, but did not reach

A real cat! I didn’t have time to eat, but I crumbled it and bit it!

Source: duck.show

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