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Rare colors and quirks of nature – 15 photos of animals that you don't see every day

Standards of beauty are invented by marketers, and nature has its own beauty, sometimes taking on outlandish forms.

Below are 15 photos of four-legged (and not only) lucky people, in which you will definitely turn around more than once if you meet on the street.

Smokey Ice

The cat is in the dog, and the tail one for two

Black Panther Mesh

An interesting visual effect: the cat's nose is not visible behind the pattern on the muzzle

Completely white, and the tail is black, as if not native

Unusual Moth

Valentine's cat

Two-faced dog? No, it's just his ear

Antennae to everyone's envy

Having shaved the doggie for an allergy test, the owners found out that not only the coat is spotted

Like this amazing turtle

Albino Siamese

He is not blind, just his eyes are very bright, and you can see the capillaries.

Black and white squirrel

Rabbit on the dog's neck

Spot on the stomach – a spilled cookie

Source: bezkota.ru

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