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10 cute raccoons that will easily steal your heart

Sociable and curious raccoons have recently been increasingly in the lens of pet lovers. A small, but very agile and intelligent predator, far from being so easy to keep at home.

The owner will have to regularly heal scratches and bites and repair everything that the pet managed to get to. But as a reward for the smashed apartment and the “battle wounds”, the owners enjoy completely touching tricks and even post them on the Internet, delighting users.

OUR editors offer several such shots.

did not leave!

2. Group photo from a family dinner

3. When the cold comes and you want to be “in style”

four. When it's not scary to stick your hand into the mouth of a predator

5. Oh, so awkward, so awkward – the guests are in the house, and I'm not dressed!

6. Romantic photoshoot

7. Owner, maybe not? Why do you also need to repair the school?

eight. The most successful cover of the cat from Shrek, sorry for the lack of a hat!

9. Men, they are like that – they know a lot about rest!

ten. Come on Gena, keep straight ahead!

Source: lemurov.net

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