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Pregnant cats wandered the streets together and decided to raise kittens as one big family

Two girlfriend cats are found pregnant on the street and are now raising kittens together.

Solka and Oliva were delivered to Nashville Cat Rescue for a better future. Both cats are from the same cat colony and were expected to give birth at the same time. The girls became friends and got pregnant at the same time. After contacting the rescuers, they asked that the cats not be separated either during or after the overexposure,” says volunteer Kiki.

From the very beginning, the striped ones were inseparable. Even a little timid among people, they drew confidence in the closeness of each other, which helped them quickly get used to the new environment.

“It was clear that the girls were close friends and important to each other. I spent as much time with them as I could while still giving them space,” says Kiki.

“I wanted when the babies were born, the cats were comfortable accepting my help as needed, plus daily weighing of the kittens and other procedures.

Slowly but surely, the sisters began to trust their foster mother. Solka, the slightly more tame of the two, began to really allow herself to be stroked. Realizing how pleasant the scratching of the head is, she believed in the goodness of the guardian, and her attitude was transferred to Olive.

stroking Solka, then Olive wanted to too. ”

A couple of weeks later, Solka began contractions, as a result of which six babies were born, five survived. “While Solka was engaged in maternal affairs, Olive practically did not leave her.”

Olive became support and support for Solka, purred in her ears and showered her with caresses.

“About a week later I watched Olive in the arena with Solka's kittens. She took care of the babies as if they were her own and, interestingly, she was worried when I took them for weighing. ”

A couple of days later, Kiki, entering the room, saw a new young face among the children – Oliva gave birth to the first.

After 24 hours, she gave birth to another, but the tinyness of the newborn and the delay in his birth caused some concern.

“I took her to the vet for a checkup. She had to have an emergency C-section, which ultimately saved her life.”

Both mothers, unfortunately, lost one child each, but received additional children from each other. They raised the kittens together, as a team, and the kids received double maternal love.

When one mother needed a break, the second remained to look after the children.

“It is a pleasure to watch Solka and Oliva, and their kittens are undoubtedly cute. Moms swap babies and don't seem to see the difference between kindred and stepbrothers,” says Kiki.

Now the kittens are 2.5 weeks old, and they are all friends with each other. They doze together, in the arms of two mothers.

Becoming more active and curious, the kids begin to explore their arena. Solka and Oliva are always there, looking after and caring.

“Solka has five girls, Oliva has two boys. I call them cousins and sisters. They are growing rapidly day by day, and Solka and Oliva trust me more and more.”

Source: bezkota.ru

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