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Pixel cat, who is called “a living nightmare”

When Alison Calhagen from Green Bay posted a photo of her cat, Pixel, on social media, she suspected that it would attract attention.

But she didn’t quite understand what it was, and therefore she was quite surprised when a person contacted her who offered a discount on the services of an exorcist!

Meet Pixel. A cute and kind cat of the Cornish Rex breed.

The pixel is one feature that changes everything dramatically. He loves grimaces!

it turns out that people involuntarily remember all the prayers

Mistress protects Pixel. Why is everyone afraid of him? Simply, the cat sometimes freezes, and the physiognomy lives its own life.

As for the exorcist, it's true. The interlocutor introduced himself, however, whether it was a real fighter with the other world or a joker, it is not clear. The hostess refused – she knows that Pixel is just a cheerful cat with pronounced signs of his breed.

Well, what's so terrible? True, Alison herself goes to the toilet with the light on.

If you look at the facts, Pixel did nothing to anyone. Just won a couple of purity competitions.

And why is it called a “revived nightmare”?

Every second person is frankly frightened when they first see Pixel. Someone even suggested that the cat's ancestors served as sitters for medieval artists when they needed to draw something demonic. That's how much fantasy people have!

But then the hostess made a mistake and accidentally revealed the secret of the Pixel

Scary? And he also has a girlfriend, so there will be kittens! Mua-ha-ha!

Source: lemurov.net

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