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Photos that show that only a Maine Coon kitten can be more beautiful than a Maine Coon


Even if this opinion is very different from reality, we have 15 photos of kittens that, despite their tender age, bring the real charm of the Maine Coon to this world.

So small, but already so majestic.

Future ruler.

Kitty Ensemble. After their growth, the background will become invisible.

“My little Maine Coon Smudge”.

β€œIn the morning I wake up for her. She is the best Maine Coon cat imaginable.”

“A Maine Coon kitten that looks a lot like Thanos.”

He can look into the soul and the one who does not have it!

8-month-old Maine Coon kitten named Cody!

There will soon be only one person in this bath.

“On you!”

Her name is Evie, this is our baby, she is 7 weeks old.

This kitten of mine is called Tater Tot.

Redhead, which I gave my mother for Christmas.

Kittens at the age of 9 months are ready to check with the vet.

Pose for a perfect photo (as if others could get into the frame with him).



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