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Five kittens purr like crazy on the lap of a foster mom – she pulled them from the other world

The kittens rescued by the woman practically from the next world huddled on her lap and purred.

Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) adopted a litter of five kittens. All the babies were in poor condition, with festering eyes and stuffy noses, besides, skin and bones.

Volunteer Penny Richards hurried to take them to her overexposure. “All five — Weston, Walker, Margaret, Dorothy, Ansel — are named after famous B&W photographers as their brood is shown in grayscale,” says Penny.

“Poor the crumbs suffered from colds, and some of them had it especially badly. Little Maggie, a gray and white girl, could not eat due to lung congestion and dehydration.

“The first days I put her on a drip three times a day and fed her through a syringe by the hour.”

When the kittens were washed and fed, they warmed up in warmth and the safety of your new nest. Penny got them the right medications and inhalers. Under such good care, the kittens' morale increased and their appetite sharply appeared.

As soon as they felt better, the five fluffies began to move around the arena and explore. Maggie, the smallest in the brood, began to show her extraordinary character.

“She turned out to be a born climber: in a couple of seconds she climbed to the very top of the arena and began to meow from under the roof, rotating her small head ”.

When the eyes and noses of the kittens cleared, their hunger for food and attention doubled.

Maggie finally made up for the lack of size with her insatiable appetite – she seemed to be puffing out for all the time she was undernourished due to illness. Medicines helped to get rid of tenacious ARVI. All together, the kids began to strive to spend more time with their foster mother.

One by one they crawled into Penny's lap and settled down to take a nap. And although there was barely enough space for all five, the kittens purred in unison and fell asleep. cuddle after meals, every time. He cuddled up in my lap for a while and then was ready to play,” adds Penny.

“Maggie is the smallest of them all, but there's a lot of personality in this little creature. She talked very loudly during the meal,” says Penny.

“Having finished meal, she comes up to you, gets on her knees, washes and purrs. ”

“Weston was a fluffy little bear from the very beginning. He loves to roll on his knees and purr! He purrs loudly, and starts as soon as you touch him.

“Dorothy is more daring and daring than her brothers and sister. She loves to soak up your lap and arms, but she also loves to climb on your shoulder and plan your escape from the room.

“Walker definitely has some quirks and it's charming. At 8 weeks old he is still drinking formula like a baby,” adds Penny.

“He likes to sit on his knees, and he purrs the loudest. The boy is very loving, and sometimes, when he wants to let you know about his feelings, he squeaks delightfully! This is his way of communicating and it is precious.”

Overexposure kittens turned into restless teenagers, but something remained unchanged.

“All five are still climbing into my lap. Most of them are also reaching out to kiss,” says Penny.

These kittens are serious about cuddling-knee time.

Every time Penny enters the room, they tend to wrap a fluffy living blanket around her knees.

This wonderful tradition continued until the time of adoptions came. “So sweet and cuddly, they've been with me since they were three weeks old.”

“Dorothy and Ansel became very close, did everything together, played catch-up “, – adds Penny.

“Weston likes to rub his muzzle on your face, and Walker is our little eccentric who parted with baby food two weeks later than the rest, and still sometimes leans on it.

At the age of 11 weeks, the kittens are finally ready for the next chapter of life – to continue the knee tradition, but with a permanent dream family.

“Until their departure at the age of 11 weeks, all five crowded together on my lap. They didn't quite fit and lay on top of each other in layers,” says Penny.

Two days ago on my Dorothy and Ansel, best friends, left a new joint house.

Weston and Maggie are also adopted together by good people. They quickly proclaimed a new abode as their kingdom.

Walker became friends with another pupil, George the kitten, they have a touching relationship. “They came to meet them last night, and everything went well, so we hope to share more exciting news soon.”

“Raising these children was pure pleasure. And now – let them be loved and pampered. “

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