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Photos of owners and their animals that have been together since birth

Sometimes a pet becomes not just a pet, but a real friend. And this friendship can last a lifetime. OUR editors found a photo showing the owners and their devoted pets.

The first photo shows a young man with his puppy . On the second – he is with a grown dog. And the third picture shows already experienced comrades who spent many bright moments together. By the way, in all the photos, friends pose the same way.

The girl and the kitten have matured noticeably over a long period of friendship. It is very touching, because they are still together.

How quickly time flies! Over the years, these two have certainly learned a lot, and gray hair colors them both.

They say cats walk by themselves. But this kitty obviously does not leave her sweet mistress a single step.

The baby, which easily fit in the bosom, after a while practically caught up with its owner in size.

Turtles are real centenarians, whose life expectancy can exceed a hundred years. Therefore, when buying a cute little turtle, you need to be prepared to spend your whole life with him and see an animal of impressive size.

These true friends clearly love each other. They are definitely happy.

It all started from funny games and grew into a true friendship. Very pretty girlfriends, who, by the way, look alike.

It is better to celebrate birthdays with the most faithful friends, such as beloved dogs.

We are so attached to our pets and so afraid of losing them!

Do you know examples of long friendship between people and animals?

Source: lemurov.net

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