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A chow-chow teddy bear wandered the snow-covered streets for a month in search of an owner

You never know at what moment fate will set the bandwagon. Vinnie's life was happy and carefree until he became lonely.

Plush Miracle

A red-haired chow-chow was wandering around Kursk alone.

Many people noticed him, but assumed that the thoroughbred dog most likely went for a walk and would soon return home . However, time passed, and the baby continued to catch the eye of passers-by.

His wanderings ended at the moment when, driven by other dogs, he ended up with a subscriber of the 'Tail with a Trumpet' volunteer organization. A caring woman did everything to ease the burden of a furry friend. She contacted volunteers and provided medical care for the pet.

The long period spent on the street has left its mark. Felled and tangled wool brought discomfort to the poor fellow.

But most of all, the veterinarians were upset by the sight of the dog – he turned out to be blind. It is impossible to save one eye, but experts are doing everything to enable the animal to see through the second, hidden behind a fold.

So far, it is under overexposure. It turned out that his mistress is no longer alive.

Nevertheless, the volunteers hope that they will be able to find a sensitive and attentive owner for Vinnie, because he is very good and obedient, he can brighten up the life of any good-natured person.

Source: lemurov.net

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