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Pets who simply could not stay awake and decided to lie down

Games with brothers, hearty meals, important things, taking care of children, long waits for meeting with the owners and much more. And some pets literally cannot resist the urge to rest, so they fall off their paws on the spot and just fall asleep.

actively played after dinner that she decided to climb on the sofa and have a good rest there.

And this cute corgi could no longer continue walking with friends and decided to pretend to be dead for a couple of minutes so that no one would touch him.

The dog was so tired from shopping that he fell asleep right in the basket. But the owner will surely wake him up if he needs help with shopping.

In fact, this reptile is very comfortable sleeping in such a strange position. Otherwise, she wouldn't look so peaceful.

Why why not use a banana as a pillow? The tiny puppy is clearly comfortable.

The dog just lay down on a pile of things.

Flights are so tiring that these cute puppies just fell off their paws.

This kid probably just decided to close his eyes for a minute.

Playing for a long time after eating is not the best idea. The result is wild fatigue.

At first he got stuck, then he tried to get out, but fell asleep.

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