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15 proofs that being a hedgehog is just great!

The British Society for the Protection of Hedgehogs (there is one) has published a selection of happy moments from the life of their pets.

And suddenly it turned out that hedgehogs have an incredibly fun and carefree life! Just some kind of paradise!

Enviable? Of course, it's enviable!

How much happiness in one frame!

The calf and the hedgehog are friends forever

And not prickly at all

Cute thorn

Wipe the hedgehog after bathing

Cool smile

Even the hedgehog has its own chair

What a tongue-in-cheek

In reliability and safety

Here it is, hedgehog's happiness!

Let's go to the store for some delicious

Check out the fangs!

Tummy massage is great

They should earn extra money as models

The man and the hedgehog, smile at something

Now you will be jealous hedgehogs, how we envy! And you want to become one of them!

Source: lemurov.net

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