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Lucky animals adopted from a celebrity shelter

Any dog or cat has the right to a cozy bed, a full bowl of food and loving owners. It is a very noble thing to take destitute animals from crowded shelters.

This is done not only by ordinary people, but also by world stars, setting a wonderful example of kindness to others!

Last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger got Dutch

Chris Evans got a new pet. Now he has a faithful friend – a dog Dodger

Actor Ryan Reynolds found Baxter in shelter and could not resist him

Johnny Utah is the favorite of actress Charlize Theron

Lucho the dog is Eva Mendes' best friend

Hilary Swank is the real head of the pack. Here she has Karu, Rumi, Lucky and Kai

Justin Theroux took baby Kuma from the shelter

Benjamin lives with Taylor Swift

Source: duck.show

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