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10 photos of the cutest tailed fellow travelers


Long journeys by public transport are often boring. But sometimes you are lucky, and the neighbors create an incredible mood.

Especially if the neighbors are tailed and mustachioed. Animals from the following photo selection can definitely have the proud status of the best travel companions.

Photo 1. This is Max's first trip, he he was a little worried, but the tenderness of the neighbors helped him feel better.

Photo 2. In the morning you can meet anyone in the subway. Including an adorable dog with a scarf!

Photo 3. The author of this shot claims that his tailed companion looked at people all the way and gave them a drop of joy.

Photo 4. This bulldog did not appear between the seats of the train right away, but what a pleasant meeting it was .

Photo 5. Apparently, this dog has been on the road for a long time, because he looks really tired.

Photo 6. Another novice traveler spent the whole trip in this position.

Photo 7. This dog came to meet her neighbors herself. Everyone should have such nice and friendly neighbors!

Photo 8. This retriever was a little worried on the trip, but then decided that this was the best chance to sleep in the master's arms.

Photo 9. Formerly a homeless cat named Pepper goes to a shelter where she will definitely find a family.

Photo 10. A puppy named Athena travels for the first time. She looks both embarrassed and pleased.

Such photos of animals evoke emotion. And they increase the desire to travel: what if on a trip you will be able to meet the same charming passengers?

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