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Little Angry Tiger Takes a Bath for the First Time

A local event took place at the Miami Zoo – a tiger cub born this year passed a swimming skills test for the first time.

Simply put, he swam in the pool, which he really liked. And we liked what faces he made and what bright shots he got!

Adult tigers love to swim, unlike other cats

BUT Here are the babies for the first time. Worried!

I'm swimming! I am swimming! Oh, mommy!

Eh! Hands off! I haven't bought yet!

It should be noted here that at only 3 months old, this very young tigress already has character. Evil, to be honest, and a little hysterical. Far from being the most obedient baby in the zoo, in particular, when the workers were convinced that the tiger cub's swimming skills were excellent and wanted to curl up, she broke free and climbed into the pond again. I had to jump after her and pull her out without courtesy.

Small but loud!

Where are you dragging me? I want to swim!

But then the tigress calmed down and allowed herself to be wiped

Normal, healthy animal, with the correct reaction. He will grow up to be a good tiger!

Source: lemurov.net

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