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15 funniest cats whose absurdity does not allow their owners to let go of the camera even for a minute

No one's stupid deeds will amuse and delight you as much as the absurdity of your pets. Especially if at the moment of stupidity they do not break some valuable thing.

If you decide who, cats or dogs, are world champions due to his goofy but funny behavior, then it's probably worth giving the title first. Dogs behave approximately the same way 24 hours a day, but cats feel like nobles of the highest rank and behave in a revealingly cutesy way, but sometimes something completely inexplicable rolls over them.

And then you need to urgently grab the camera and take a picture of what they suddenly did.

Let's look at some examples of cat quirkiness.

one. I can’t even imagine how she managed to get out like that

2. Sometimes Noodle prefers to experience his existential crisis in the fridge

3. The cat never had time to master this thing before it was explained to him that she was not here for him

four. Holly is known for her beauty, but not for her brains

5. Run fools!

6. The epitome of grace

You won't believe it, but we have pictures, on which the Maine Coons themselves look awkward! Yes, it would seem that they are always great, but we found some exclusive photos.

7. Why not lie down on a wet painting, right?

eight. New Coca-Cola mascot

9. Hanging down is the most comfortable sleeping position

Generally, as you know, the word “uncomfortable” in the cat's vocabulary is completely absent. Therefore, sometimes we can find them lying and sitting in such positions that we can’t even believe it!

ten. What are your impressions?

eleven. I came home, and here is

12. Kitten from Australia

13. The cat is broken, it's time to call technical support

fourteen. Hector thinks the trash can is his bed

fifteen. It was necessary to read the instructions first, and then fit

But, of course, dogs in the sphere of absurdity should not be discounted either. Check out our selection and about them!

Source: twizz.ru

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