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Kitten with tiny body and strong will undergoes miraculous transformation

A kitten with a tiny body but a strong will, grows into a luxurious cat.

Avril, the veterinary nurse, saved the kitten from disaster and was determined to give her a second chance. “We knew we had to fight for her and use every opportunity to restore her health and quality of life,” says Nikki of Best Friends Felines.

Lulu was extremely emaciated and so starved that she swallowed her own fur to survive. And although her affairs were bad, she held on with all her might. “Due to extreme exhaustion, her spine, every bone, was visible through the skin.”

The kitten was placed for overexposure under round-the-clock supervision. Save her life – that's what people set out to do. Lulu was given formula along with baby food for kittens, and in parallel was treated for several diseases.

Since her body weighed and looked half normal, people did not know if the kitten would survive, but they did absolutely everything possible.

For a couple of weeks, everything hung in the balance, and then the strength returned to the baby, and the weight began to grow.

Lulu got bigger, noticeably more energetic, and began to express herself. In the blink of an eye, she turned into a continuously purring kitty, wanting to absorb the love of everyone around her.

enchants everyone around,” says Nikki.

“She is fearless and loves everyone (people and furry friends). She is bold and self-confident, with a bright personality.”

Standing on her feet, Lulu was ready to socialize. It was decided to introduce her to fluffies of her height.

Beth, a foster volunteer, has a kitten girl named Peach, who also had a difficult childhood. Upon meeting, Lulu and Peaches quickly became friends.

Lulu gave her new friend the same love she received and became an invaluable support for Peaches. “Both girls continued to gain weight and get better every day.”

At the overexposure, the tricolor baby undoubtedly blossomed. Friendly with everyone, she became a ray of sunshine not only for people, but also for other animals. I also got along with two dogs in the guardian's house, and it was touching.

“She is a beautiful girl with a wonderful disposition. After a difficult start, she went forward with leaps and bounds. ”

When the time came, the owner was quickly found for her, namely, a man named Fig.

Over the weekend, the tricolor beauty left the overexposure and moved to her home.

“She decided that she would play at three in the morning and sleep right next to me or on top of me,” wrote Rhys.

Lulu (renamed Ciri) settled into her new place and immediately became a housekeeper.

Over the following months, the girl turned into a magnificent fluffy cat, still the same glorious character.

“It still amazes me how far she has come. Ciri is my best friend, and I am grateful to the animal rights activists for the work they have done.”

“Thanks to special care and love, she was able to grow and blossom into the gorgeous, loving girl that she is today,” say Best Friends Felines.

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