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Kind man rescued cute little animals from the mud

On that sunny morning, a Thai resident, Shurachet, did not have a chance to go to work as usual. His road passed near a new construction site, from which low sad squeals came from.

The guy stopped to listen – strange sounds came from a small drainage system filled with mudflows. Looking there, Shuracet saw strange animals barely pumping in a puddle of mud.

Dogs in their appearance resembled rats. Therefore, Shuracet entered the hatch of the well and took out the whole small brood of several animals. Washing pets from adhering dirt, he thought: how did these kids even get to such a place?

The dog that gave birth to them could quite deliberately find and use a hidden place in order to construct a comfortable den, without thinking that this is a very dangerous idea. After all, the well could have been filled with mud after the past monsoons.

There were no puppies near the mother, and the babies had a sad rumbling in their tummies.

When the little animals were washed well, they surprised everyone with their cute appearance. When they were fed, they began to play and caress Shuracet. In the evening, at the family council, it was decided that all the dogs would remain in the family.

After all, according to local beliefs, this is a very good sign for all household members.

Source: duck.show

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