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Getting a cat means getting joy

Happiness cannot be bought, but you can get a cat, feed it, give toys, take out the tray, and she will give you happiness for this.

The most ordinary day is colored with colors when a fluffy ball does something funny or just looks at you very nicely, beloved owner, with eyes full of gratitude. This is how these lucky ones from our selection have.

Does not drop!

Here's how it should be, look

What do you want to talk about, mistress?


All right

This is how it is in this house

Do not delay the queue. What have you, a cat, never seen?

Forward, to new heights

If there is a desire, but there is a place

Chuck found a use for the tractor, partly


No peeking

What cheeks

At this level, closer to food, not like on the floor

Due to technical reasons, the crane does not work

Bonus: Buggie is an honorary employee of the store (although no one understands exactly what she does)

Source: bezkota.ru

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