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In the US, a stray dog tried to steal a unicorn toy from a store 5 times. He was caught and changed life for the better

Criminals are found not only among people – sometimes animals can also try to break the law. So, in the United States, a stray dog was caught several times at the scene of an offense. He constantly went to the same store and always tried to steal a plush purple unicorn there.

it turned out not to be problems for him, but on the contrary, a new life.

who constantly tried to steal a toy from a store

The cutest tailed thief has been caught by Animal Control in North Carolina. Employees of the Dollar General store complained about the dog, which has already tried 5 times to get into the store. The cunning man waited for another client to open the door, and at that moment he managed to slip inside. But there he was not interested in sweets at all: each time the dog tried to steal the same toy – a plush purple unicorn.

In the store, the dog tried to take away a toy unicorn with him

As the store employee told People, the dog clearly knew what he wanted.

He went straight to the unicorn, each time to the same one.

Once the staff managed to catch a dog, and then they called the animal control service.

The employee who came to deal with the dog liked the thief so much that she bought him that very toy

The woman could not resist the dog and his story.

Later, the dog, along with the unicorn, was sent to a shelter, but they did not stay there for long

The dog was named Sisu at the shelter and described as an obedient boy who with other dogs may well behave a little cheeky. But this tiny minus did not affect the charm of the dog in any way: according to CNN, Sisu and his unicorn found a home the very next day. thieves turned 180 degrees – he received not only the desired toy, but also a new family!

Source: twizz.ru

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