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I am a cat, I feel so comfortable: 15 cats in the most unexpected places

Have you noticed that cats just love to squeeze into the most, at first glance, uncomfortable and unexpected places? This phenomenon is explained simply: close space provides cats with protection from the outside world and helps to keep warm.

can easily fit in there. Don't believe me?

See the photo below.

Reliable sunstroke protection

Tightness – not a hindrance, we accept any form!

And the box is too small!

Big cats also have a lot of fantasies!

I instantly fall asleep in the master's pocket!

I lived in this box when I was little. Again I was drawn to my native penates …

I gnawed the box a little so that there was where to attach the paw

You never know where you will find your cat next time

But it seems to them that really like it!


If I don’t fit myself, then at least I’ll attach my paws!

We are not impudent, but very nice!

“Box for the cat – please do not turn over”

But how they become mermaids!

Well, who told you why am I uncomfortable here?

Source: popularnoe.net

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