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Animals who unexpectedly found their twins among other species

Everyone on this planet has a twin, and not just one, but not necessarily a brother. You can not even belong to the same species of living beings, but at the same time be almost a copy of each other. You don't have to look far for examples.

Only the noses are different, otherwise they are the same

Are you my tribe? Maybe a second cousin?

Dont touch him! He is a part of me!

He walks, he leads the twin

The location of the spots is almost identical

It seems that there is a spy among us!

Again inciting some kind of scam

Big fluffy family

Brother? Oh, sister!

Two pairs one coloring

It's good to be under big brother guard

We with him the same palette!

Who are you crushing a bun on?!

If I don't shave, I'll be the same

Dog makes lick

Are you my brother, or are you not my brother?

Some would say that these are just coincidences, but we know that there are no accidents!

Source: lemurov.net

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