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Human surrender to a cat

Living side by side with cats, we become more resilient, more patient, more humble, ready for surprises at any time of the night and morning.

If this is a war, then the cat invariably wins, and the man capitulates. And, most importantly, both parties are happy.

This is the place for the fruits that are now on the floor

Well, finally, they boiled water for me

Your collection, you say? Very comfortable

Checking homework

Do not breathe

And reading is tiring for the body

The cat person gets used to everything

Working remotely has a lot of difficulties

And let scratches remain on the nose , but this is a wonderful frame


Now you can take away a salad bowl from him only at the cost of bitten fingers

Come here

Oh my God, Luda, well, who whips the cream like that

Organized group of muzzles

Well, okay, but also meow in such a situation?!

However, a cat will not be offended by a cat

Source: bezkota.ru

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