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Homeless yesterday, now married: 10 photos of happy pussies

On the first couple of photos, especially the one on the left, you can see the first trip from the shelter to the house. In the guise of modesty. But then…

1. New good owners have restored faith in people to this aggressive pug

2. 1 years ago, he, still a small puppy, was taken out of the trash.

3. After six months of efforts to nurse a then small puppy, this is what happened …

four. He was handed over to the shelter “to live out” at the age of 17. And how the cat changed when he got into the house with new owners!

5. The good things in Magnum's current life have more than covered what happened to him before.

6. I report: ears up, tail like a gun, mood – just ate!

7. After only three weeks, he has become a model of fun.

eight. Compare the photo of the handsome “before” and “after”

9. For 3 years, the handsome man has acquired a shiny coat

ten. Former kitten from the parking lot. Learned?

Source: duck.show

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