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Deaf and blind dog was afraid of being touched, but the owner figured out how to help her

Aiden Mann lives in Nashville and works as a veterinary assistant. The man gets along well with animals and found his calling in this.

Small problems arose only with Plum, 6-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy. The baby was blind and deaf from birth and was very afraid of any touch.

Mr. Manna was not afraid of difficulties. Here is what he says: “I understood what responsibility I was taking on and what I was getting myself into. I knew that I loved this puppy and wanted to give him a good life. )

Now Aiden and Plum have developed a system of touches, thanks to which you can understand what the owner wants and does. The dog knows when he is asked to sit down, called for a walk, and even learned to follow Aiden.

Mr. Mann details his pet's life on social media. Plum has grown up and practically does not differ from his peers.

Source: duck.show

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