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Clumsy tsutsiki who grew up, but did not change at all

If you don’t work with the baby, don’t educate, the blockhead will grow up. Fair to all children, both human and animal.

Take, for example, dogs – what smart animals, but if a puppy is allowed a lot, then the body will grow, and the brain will still try to catch its tail. A dunce is a dunce, albeit a charming one.

He managed keep your favorite toy intact

The pajamas have long become small, but part with it beyond his strength

He was not explained that a brick is not a toy, so he did not understand

All the same charming and affectionate

Just think, plus 80 kg! He is still the same puppy!

, boot decreased! Here!

Mistress, why are you in a year didn't grow up like me?

Find the difference

Shy has become a smile

One to one, as if nothing had changed

Hugging with the hostess is a favorite thing

Grown up, no doubt . But in the soul is a puppy!

Who is this who came to us again?

It's not me. There was no such thing. There is nothing to shame me in front of everyone!

The most interesting and delicious is in the kitchen

They fed well, so I grew up!

And yet they are our favorite creatures! Even if not all of them are brought up as they should be.

Source: lemurov .net

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