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15 brutal fathers of families who in the end still lost to kittens and puppies

Dads refuse to take a touching ball of fur into the house, not out of harmfulness or innate severity, but because they know what kind of bills the veterinarian has. And how much does it cost to replace damaged things and interior items – and pay exactly for the name

But as usually happens, the charm of kittens and puppies in the end turns out to be stronger!

He used to demand that the cat live in the garage, and now he reads the news to her

I gave up already on the third day!

This is the one who said “Either a cat or a dog”

Carries a cat in his pocket

Mr. “I Can't Stand Cats”

Dad takes the dog so that he “does not get his paws dirty”

When he started to feed the cat with ice cream, everything became clear

And he used to call small dogs “overgrown rats”

Cat? In my bed? Never!

He still insists that he did not give up at all

Kitten is stronger than an adult man!

He didn't even agree to one dog, and now there are two of them

It's only been a couple of weeks since we adopted a cat from a shelter

No animals in my house! Uh-huh, of course.

Okay, kittens. Clearly, if the puppies. But the cock?

they vehemently oppose the furries in the house, and then call them best friends!

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