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Cats-artists continue to amuse us – 16 photos

Cats are the most artistic creatures. Even ordinary things (such as drinking, eating, sleeping, sitting) they know how to do with a twist, so that you admire – well, or laugh.

Beautiful cats, what would we do without them?


With an expressive look, he makes it clear that his trust must be earned

Posing even when napping

Cat-fool – a great symbol of the coming 2021

Oh, water, well, I'm angry with you

He was asked to smile for the camera

Lie down, think

Threatening fang. If the hostess doesn’t quit all her affairs right now, the second one will show

That this is my chair, I will tell you in the dance

When you are pleasantly scratched under the chin, but you do not show it so as not to lose face

It seems to work!

Oh those little teeth

Beautiful and frightening

S-s-s, a toy in my paws

It's not interesting to eat grass just like that, you need to play with facial expressions

When they say that -something doubtful

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