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A wounded elephant came to ask a man for help

Even elephants understand that people are different. These smartest animals are still the object of illegal hunting in Africa.

Like hundreds of years ago, ivory is highly valued on the black market, prompting poachers to exterminate tens of thousands of them every year.

The story of this elephant restores faith in humanity. He almost died from a well-aimed shot by a poacher. Luckily, a bullet fired in the forehead got stuck in a dense bone. Everything would be fine, but an infection got into the wound. The elephant could have died from septic shock.

help to people. The national park officials did not immediately understand why he purposefully walked towards them. Everyone knows cases when enraged elephants sweep away everything in their path. But, when the wounded man approached, the rangers realized that he was asking for help.

Medics and rescuers quickly arrived at the scene. So that the veterinarians could examine him, the animal was immobilized by a shot with an ampoule of a tranquilizer. A portable x-ray showed no internal damage, but the wound itself required immediate surgery. Transportation of an elephant in this state is undesirable, therefore it was operated on immediately.

The hardest thing was to pull out the bullet, it was firmly held in the skull. Nevertheless, she was safely removed, and the wound was cleaned, treated with antibiotics and stitched. The doctors waited for the patient to wake up and come to his senses after anesthesia.

legs. He even had to lean against a nearby tree. Now the rescued elephant has become his own for people who can and will monitor his well-being. They are determined to do everything so that he no longer has to suffer at the hands of poachers.

Source: lemurov.net

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