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Cat owners showed how their pets sit on their shoulders, and other animals joined this flash mob

Pet owners will always find a reason to brag about their pets with Internet users. This time they staged a flash mob in which they showed how good their pets look on their shoulders.

At the same time, weight, fluffiness and the type of animal is completely unimportant: the owners of cats started the flash mob, but later owners of other animals joined them.

Cat owners decided to show off their pets and accidentally started a flash mob

Users of the site, who have cats at home, decided to brag about how their pets deftly sit on their owners' shoulders. As a result, all this turned into a mini-flash mob, in which not only the owners of the cats began to participate, but also the owners of other animals.

“It seems today is the day of cats on the shoulder?”

“Oh, hi, I was told that cats on the shoulder are in trend today”

“I hope the kitten on my shoulder also counts…”

“I see your cats on my shoulders and showing my kitten in a beard “

“My cat on my shoulder isn't even close to being as cute as the others”

Very fast cats on shoulders changed a wide variety of animals, birds and even reptiles

Is the duck on the shoulder suitable?

“I noticed your cats on my shoulder. Is it too late for the baby opossum?”

“I'm showing you Azu – a snake on my shoulder”

“I see your cats on my shoulders and show you a gerbil”

“Does the chicken on the shoulder fit?”

“My friend”

“Does a horse on the shoulder count?”

She always puts her head on my shoulder for me to scratch.

“The turkey on the shoulder is the most awkward parrot in the world”

“You've already heard about shoulder cats, now get ready for the fennec fox!”

“I don't have a cat, so I'm showing you my rabbit!”

“Shoulder animals seem to be popular these days, so here's my crow!”

If you also have a photo of your favorite ic, comfortably nestled on your shoulders, then join this mini-flashmob!

Source: twizz.ru

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