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A homeless kitten fell in love with a police officer and wished to become her shoulder cat

The cutest shoulder cat was the kid that won the heart of a police officer.

Last Wednesday (March 24th) two officers from the Durham Police Department (North Carolina) patrolled as usual, not yet knowing that a tiny stray kitten would soon change the life of one of them.

Officers J. N. Rousey and E. Masnick were near Dawkins Street and Linwood Avenue when their eyes were on a kind of fur ball, which, upon closer examination, turned out to be a tiny kitten, lonely, without a mother.

The officers began to look for the baby's family, simultaneously interviewing local residents. But their efforts did not lead to anything – no one recognized the minke whale, and it became clear that the kitten was on its own, he had nowhere to go.

“Officers searched the area, trying to find the owner of the kitten or (his) mother, but without success “, – representatives of the Durham Police Department wrote on Facebook.

It was impossible to leave the baby to its fate, so Rosie carried him to her squad car and wrapped him in a towel to calm him down. Only in her arms the frightened minke whale came to his senses a little. Caress, hugs and exhortations were used.

The palm kitten felt more comfortable when he was hugged enough. He climbed onto his rescuer's shoulder and decided to stay there.

He made a uterine meow, standing on Rosie's shoulder, as if declaring that he was saying goodbye to street life forever.

The kid quickly fell in love with the officer. Rosie unexpectedly decided to adopt him. She took the kitten to the vet, got a health certificate, and affectionately nicknamed him Dobby. According to Rosie's relatives, this is her second matched cat.

That's how the usual patrol turned into a real adventure. Officer Rosie not only saved a precious little life, but added to her family. food and shelter. Striped Dobby now has an adoring loyal man and his own home.

Source: bezkota.ru

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