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Best of Personal Archives – 15 True Cat Photos


You can endlessly look at three things – how cute cats sleep, how funny cats are weird, and how cats interact with each other.

If you have a pet – don't hide it from the world, take pictures and share pictures, let everyone on the Internet rejoice!

Here as the authors of the photo below did.

The soul leaves the kitten’s body… don’t worry, he has 8 more lives

Buff and Mini Bun

Interspecies idyll in front of the telly

Dixie the cat and her partner (owner)

A black hole in your bedroom

You're not going anywhere. What if my food runs out?


Lena was here

Star Genetics

She ran out the door, but he did not know that it was so cold outside

Hobbes will not miss his breakfast (but no one will oversleep for work)

And what? We were just playing

Tell me about your day

He was just taken from the shelter yesterday

Unusual Frame

Source: bezkota.ru

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