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15 Cats Whose Relationship With Liquids Can Be Seen With The Naked Eye

It seems that cats, cats and kittens live according to their own rules, which stupid people cannot understand. Pets are contemptuous not only of what people say to them, but also of the rules of physics.

explain the fact that cats sometimes behave just like a liquid and show incredible abilities to fit into all conceivable and unthinkable places.

In such cases, the owners have nothing left other than to be surprised and take pictures of your pets, then to show their incredible flexibility and dexterity to other people.

Fits entirely

Glass of semi-fluffy

The dough has risen!

Your cat is leaking!

Tummy thawed

If a look at the glass for a long time, then he will start looking at you

Two in one


Premium flour

Mix, but do not shake

In all beautiful

Bucket do you want a disgruntled cat?

It seems that in this world, cats do not care about two things: the laws of physics, and human rules. After all, what people say is not a decree for fluffies.


Cats are liquid

Why throw away such a beautiful cat?

The seals use their affinity with liquids to crawl into the most unthinkably tiny cracks and holes. But this ability also has a limit, which was calculated by the owners of the cat Pusik.

Cats are not only like liquid, but also pretzels, buns, croissants and other baked goodies. The artist Mikiko Ponchek perfectly managed to convey this in her works.

Source: twizz.ru

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