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An Italian photographs the life of her cats, so much so that you won’t see anything cuter and funnier today

What could be better than looking at cats? Maybe take pictures of cats? Apparently, this is the opinion of an Italian named Alessandra, who runs the allekx Instagram page, which is followed by about 63 thousand subscribers.

There she is publishes photos of cats, capturing the warm and funny moments of their lives, and it does it so cool that it’s impossible not to be touched.

photos are mine. All cats are mine,” writes Alessandra in the profile description.

We invite you to take a look at what these same cats do every day.


Let's try what you have grown here

Big cat is watching you

Yoga on the coast

Something not So?

Cats have their own secrets

I'm not sleeping, I'm slowly m orga!

Teeth should be brushed more often!

Look how clean they are now!

You don't understand, this is breakdancing

stop, dog!

Hear my roar!

Real friendship

Now it will bite!

Simba inspects his property


Viewing photos of cats calms and improves mood! Proven!

Source: twizz.ru

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