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15 Cases When Our Feline Brethren Found A Mild Madness

Our beloved cats often behave as if they are kings here and generally the most important and owe them everything.

But there are moments when the settings in their program seem to fly off and they begin to behave, to put it mildly, strangely.

Then just run after the camera, because funny shots are guaranteed.

In the name of the cat gods, what's on my head?!

So this is what a cat looks like, who walked by himself

It seems that a secret dance school for cats has opened somewhere

“When I was working in a pet store, I brought home a box of catnip. The cat climbed into it, and all day he was not seen. So I found him in the evening on the balcony “

He couldn't think of anything cozier than making himself a toilet paper bed

Fight with hanger lost

“My cat is stupid but very cute”

On the full moon this cat turns into a ballerina

“My cat has figured out how the refrigerator works and is now drinking fresh cool water endlessly”

“This is Macauley. And he is completely different from the rest of the cats “

He went for a walk for the first time, and it looks like the grass broke his equanimity

“Do not ask. I am a flower.”

He had to get here by all means

This is how we look when someone suddenly takes a picture of us

“This is Pixar. She knows when I'm sad and does something stupid to make me laugh”

Source: popularnoe.net

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