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Adorable alliance of a large German Shepherd and a small ferret

Diana, the mistress of a hefty German shepherd Nova, was very worried about how she would perceive the appearance of another pet in the family, moreover, a completely different biological species – a ferret. The opinion of the ferret also had to be taken into account – how would he react to this huge toothy creature?

in vain, the ferret Pakko, with his slyness and curiosity, perfectly matched the characters with Nova. these two.

Starring: Nova (sheepdog), Pakko (ferret). Please do not confuse!

These two do not need separate beds

Although not the smartest, but the most funny and charming

Is that a game or a battle? Both of them have serious faces …

These are just games!

It looks like Pakko in this episode of the “movie” overacts …

What kind of bed is this? Get out of here, this is mine!

Although co-sleeping is also normal

After the formation of this “union”, the hostess realized: it’s time to start a channel on Instagram!

These photos are also there same, on Instagram

Nova and Pakko are true friends! For nothing, that one is a shepherd, and the second is a ferret.

Source: duck.show

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